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Clinical Associate Professor Peter Sprivulis MBBS PhD FACEM FACHI


Clin. A/Prof. Peter Sprivulis is an internationally respected expert on patient flow in acute settings. He spent 2004-2005 undertaking a Harkness Fellowship mentored by Donald Berwick at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and David Bates at Harvard Medical School.

Peter is an active researcher into the relationship between patient flow, hospital overcrowding and patient safety. Peter is also leading the National E-Health Transition Authority's Benefits Realisation Study, charged with developing a plan for national e-health services that will improve the quality of healthcare in Australia.

Prof Sprivulis has extensive experience in the use of linked administrative data for the evaluation of health systems performance. He has particular research interests in the use of Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio for monitoring health system safety, the use of administrative data for the monitoring of patient safety in hospitals, and the use of sophisticated decision support engines to improve information capture for disease registries and for the translation of clinical evidence into more reliable clinical practice.

Selected recent publications:

Sprivulis P, Da Silva J, Jacobs I, Frazer A, Jelinek GA. The association between hospital overcrowding and mortality among patients admitted via Western Australian emergency departments. MJA 2006;184:208-212.

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Sprivulis P, Frazer A, Waring A. Same-day X-ray reporting is not needed in well-supervised emergency departments. Emerg Med 2001;13(2):194-7.

Preventing Hospital Overcrowding. Commonwealth Fund Web publication.