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2005 Publications

Journal Articles

Bohensky M, Emmett SL, Ibrahim JE.  Ranson D, Experience with practice guidelines for medico-legal death investigations: The case of Falls-related deaths in hospital, Medicine and Law Journal 2005; 24:727-742. 

Evans SM, Cameron PA, Myles P, Stoelwinder J, McNeil JJ. Measurement, monitoring and clinical governance. Med J Aust 2005; 183(10):543. Impact factor: 2.13

Marasco S, Ibrahim JE and Oakley J. Public disclosure of surgeon-specific report cards-current status of the debate. Australian New Zealand Journal of Surgery 2005; 75:1000-1004. Commentary by Clinical Excellence Commission pp927-928.

Weller, C (2005) The skin and healing (Chapter 2) in Templeton, S (ed) Wound Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice. Ausmed publications

Crutchfield L, Frescos N, Duncan G, Weller C & Woodward M(2005) Prevalence of mycoses in chronic lower limb wounds of people with onychomycosis and/or tinea pedis. Primary Intention; The Australian Journal of Wound Management13 (2)

Editorials and Comments

Evans SM, Cameron PA, Myles P, Stoelwinder J, McNeil JJ.Med J Aust. 2005 Nov 21;183(10):543; author reply 547.Comment on: Med J Aust. 2005 Sep 19;183(6):284-5, Med J Aust. 2005 Sep 19;183(6):328-9."Measurement, monitoring and clinical governance."