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2006 Publications

Journal Articles

Brand C, Ibrahim JE, Bain C, Jones C, King B. Engineering a safe landing: engaging doctors in a systems approach to patient safety. Internal Medicine Journal 2006

Bohensky M, Ibrahim JE, O’Brien A, Emmett SL, Charles A, Young C, Newman E, Ranson D. World without borders: integrating clinical perspectives into the Coronial Jurisdiction in Victoria, Australia. Medicine and Law Journal 2006 Mar; 25(1): 13-29.

Bohensky M, Ibrahim JE,   Ranson D, Making the case for more necropsies to improve patient care. Quality and Safety in Health Care 2006; 15:144

Cameron PA, Gabbe BJ, McNeil JJ. The importance of quality of survival as an outcome measure for an integrated trauma system.  Injury 2006; 37:1178-1184   

Davey T, Pollard C, Aitken LM, Fitzgerald L, Bellamy N, Cass D, Danne PD, Griggs WM, Cameron PA, Atkinson RN, Hamill J, Rao S, Richardson DB, O’Connor C.  Addressing the burden of injury in Australasia: developing a bi-national trauma registry.  Medical Journal of Australia  2006; 185(9):512-514

Dowrick AS, Gabbe BJ, Williamson OD, Wolfe R, Cameron PA.  A comparison of self-reported and independently observed disability in an orthopaedic trauma population. Journal of Trauma 2006; 61(6): 1447-1452           

Evans SM, Berry JG, Smith BJ et al. Attitudes and barriers to incident reporting: a collaborative hospital study. Quality & Safety in Health Care 2006; 15(1):39-43. Impact factor: 1.97

Evans SM, Berry JG, Smith BJ, Esterman AJ. Consumer perception of safety in hospitals. Biomed Central BMC Public Health 2006, 6:41. Impact factor: 1.66.

Fitzgerald, M, Gocentas, R, Dzuikas, L, Cameron, P, Mackenzie, C and Farrow, N. Using video audit to reduce errors in trauma resuscitation.’ 2006. Canadian Journal of Surgery, vol. 49, no. 3, June

Fitzgerald, M, Bystryzcki, A, Farrow, N, Cameron, P, Kossman, T,  Surgrue, M and Mackenzie, C 2006. Trauma Reception and Resuscitation. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, vol. 76, pp 725-728.     

Ireland S, Murdoch K, Ormrod P, Saliba E, Endacott R, Fitzgerald M, Cameron P.  Nursing and medical staff knowledge regarding the monitoring and management of accidental.  International Journal of Nursing Practice    2006; 12:308-318             

Jeffcott S, Pidgeon N, Weyman A and Walls J. Risk, Trust and Safety Culture in U.K. Train Operating Companies. Risk Analysis 2006; 26(5): 1105-1121

Urquhart DM, Williamson OD, Gabbe BJ, Cicuttini FM, Cameron PA, Richardson MD, Edwards ER. Outcomes of patients with orthopaedic trauma admitted to Adult Level One Trauma Centres.   Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery 2006; 76:600-606       

Weller, C. Sussman, G (2006) Wound Dressings Update Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research: Geriatric Therapeutics. 36 (4) 318-324

Weller, C. (2006) Researching best practice service provision for people with chronic wounds in the community in Victoria. International Journal for Human Caring 10 (2)

Willis CD, Gabbe BJ, Butt W, Cameron PA. Assessing outcomes in paediatric trauma populations. Injury 2006; 37:1098-1108

Books and Reports

McNeil JJ, Smallwood R, Evans SM. Towards a sustainable framework for measuring the quality of health care. A report from the Advisory Group on Assessing the Safety and Quality of Health Care in Australia. 2006. Unpublished work.

Evans SM. An intervention to improve voluntary incident reporting in South Australian public Hospitals. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Thesis. University of Adelaide, 2006.