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2009 Publications

Journal Articles

Lowthian J, Diug B, Evans S, Maxwell E, Street A, Piterman L, McNeil J. Who is responsible for the care of patients on warfarin therapy? 2009 MJA; 190(12):674-7.

Shan Bergin, Caroline Brand, Peter Colman, Don Campbell. An evaluation of community-based resources for management of diabetes-related foot disorders in an Australian population. AHR; 2009 33(4) p671-678.

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Botti M, Bucknall T, Cameron P, Johnstone M, Redley B, Evans S, Jeffcott S.  Examining communication and team performance during clinical handover in a complex environment: the private sector post-anaesthetic care unit. MJA 2009; 190 (11): S157-S160.

Buchbinder R, Staples M, Jolley D.  Doctors with a special interest in back pain have poorer knowledge about how to treat back pain Spine 2009; 34(11):1218-26.

Cameron P, Gabbe B. The effect of compensation claims on outcomes after injury. Injury 2009;    40(9):905-906.

Cameron PA, Joseph A, McCarthy S. Access block can be managed.  Medical Journal of Australia 2009; 190(7):364-368.

Cameron P, Mitra B, Fitzgerald, M, Scheinkestel CD, Stripp A, Batey C, Niggemeyer L, Truesdale M, Holman P, Mehra R, Wasiak J, Cleland H. Black Saturday: the immediate impact of the February 2009 bushfires in Victoria, Australia. Medical Journal of Australia 2009; 191(1):11-16.

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Jeffcott S, Ibrahim J, Cameron P. Resilience in Healthcare and Clinical Handover. Quality and Safety in Health Care 2009; 18; 256-260.

Jennings PA, Cameron P, Bernard S. Measuring acute pain in the prehospital setting. Emergency Medicine Journal 2009; 26:552-555.

Kerr D, Dietze P, Kelly AM, Jolley D. Improved response by peers after witnessed heroin overdose in Melbourne. Drug  Alcohol Review 2009;  28(3):327-30.

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Mihrshahi S, Brand C, Ibrahim J, Evans SM, Cameron PA. Is the indicator ‘death in low mortality DRGs' an appropriate indicator for measuring patient safety and health care quality? Int Med J Accepted for publication Aug 13 2009

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Sikic M, Mikocka-Walus A, Gabbe B, McDermott F, Cameron P. Is it time for a comprehensive injury prevention strategy for bicycle-related injuries? Medical Journal of Australia 2009; 190(7):353-356.

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Vinton P, Mihrshahi S, Johnson P, Jenkin GA, Jolley D, Biggs BA. Comparison of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube Test and Tuberculin Skin Test for Identification of Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Known Risk Factors for Infection. Infection in Healthcare Staff and Association Between Positive Test Results. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiology 2009; 30(3):215-21.

Zalstein S, Danne P, Taylor D, Cameron P, McLellan S, Fitzgerald M, Kossmann T, Patrick I, Walker T, Crameri J, Bailey M, Magilton G.  The Victorian Major Trauma Transfer Study. Injury 2009 (EPub ahead of print July 2009)

Rosie Watson, Caroline Brand, Ray Watson, Gina LoGiudice. Delirium in the elderly. A survey of environmental policies and procedures in Melbourne Hospitals. AHR 2009; 33 (4) p656-662.

Conference Papers

Grundgeiger, T., Sanderson, P. M.,MacDougall, H. G., & Venkatesh, B. (2009). Distributed prospective memory: An approach to understanding how nurses remember tasks. Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. San Antonio, TX: 19-23 October.

Grundgeiger, T., Sanderson, P. M., MacDougall, H. G., & Venkatesh, B. (2009) How nurses overcome interruptions: an analysis of distributed support.  Proceedings of the 17th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA2009). Beijing, PRC: 9-14 August 2009.