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2006 Seminar Series

The Role of IT in Improving Patient Safety - Monday 7th August 2006

Information technology (IT) is at the forefront of public and private sector efforts to improve healthcare safety, quality and efficiency. There is clear and compelling evidence that IT can play a critical role in addressing some of the challenges faced by our healthcare system.

This seminar will discuss the current state of play at a national and state level, and will highlight some key areas where it has been used in Australia, both in general practice and in the hospital setting. Also explored will be issues hampering the widespread use of IT in the health system and the concerns and expectations of the consumer.

Monitoring the Quality of Care in Hospitals - Monday 10th April 2006

The recently released Report of the Review of Future Governance Arrangements for Safety and Quality in Health Care highlighted that a key responsibility for the newly established Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care will be to show measurable improvement across a number of key indicators in the quality of health care received by patients in Australia.

This seminar discussed what quality indicator data is currently being collected, how it is being used and where gaps exist in monitoring performance in hospitals.