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2008 Seminars

Transfusion Safety: Tackling the 'Real' Risks

Date: Wednesday, 19th November 2008
Venue:  The Laby Theatre, Melbourne University

Speaker presentations
Final seminar program and registration (PDF)

The last three decades have focused on addressing blood safety (safety of the product) with less attention given to the overall transfusion safety (safety of the entire therapy). The result is that while the risk of transfusion-transmitted diseases has declined rapidly, the process of blood transfusion still presents many patient safety concerns which need to be tackled.

Credentialing and Healthcare

Date: Friday 15th August 2008
Venue: Royal Adelaide Hospital

Recent critical events that have seriously affected patient safety, such as the Bundaberg Hospital incident have raised concerns and stir debate about our existing and planned systems for credentialling of health care professionals. This seminar explored issues and controversies relating to credentialling in health care, identifying discipline specific challenges to credentialing in medicine and nursing and encouraged debate on credentialing of professionals in a health care context.

Public Reporting of Health Care Data

Date: Friday, May 23 2008
Venue: Ella Latham Theatre - Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

The public reporting of healthcare data is commonplace in other countries, including both the US and the UK. In these countries, league tables rank the performance of hospitals and individual clinicians.  In Australia, we have headed down this path - or is it a slippery slope? In this seminar we will address the following questions: What difference has public reporting made to quality in hospitals and to consumer confidence?  Is this the path that we want to, or indeed should, take? What are its effects on providers? How do we take this forward and what are the barriers?