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2007 Seminar Series

Human Factors Seminar and Lecture Series

The Centre of Research Excellence in Patience Safety (CRE-PS) is privileged to have Professor Sidney Dekker as our first international keynote speaker. Professor Dekker is Professor in Human Factors and System Safety and Director of Research at the Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA), Sweden. His specialties and research interests are human error, system safety, human factors of new technology, constructions of risk, reactions to failure and criminalization, and organizational resilience.

This seminar and lecture series is aimed at both frontline and managerial professionals from across the Australian healthcare sector and other high risk industries. The seminar and lectures seek to impart a deeper appreciation of how human factors knowledge can help address some of the unique challenges facing today’s health system and how it can provide practical solutions to promote patient safety and quality improvement.

Seminar: Thursday 6th December 2007

Lecture Series: December 10th, 11th 12th and January 21st , 22nd , 23rd. All lectures: 4 pm - 6pm

Incident Management - Thursday 26th July 2007

Incident management forms an integral part of our health systems’ quality and risk management work program. Incident reporting provides healthcare workers with the ability to disclose adverse events and near misses in anticipation that contributing factors can be identified and corrections made to prevent similar incidents recurring. This seminar aimed to (a) identify positive outcomes from incident management; (b) discuss the role of incident reporting in relation to the wider safety and quality framework; and (c) identify ways in which to enhance incident management systems.

Clinical Handover Seminar - Friday 23rd February 2007

The focus of the seminar was clinical handover. The seminar was run in conjunction with Queensland Health and Princess Alexandra Hospital and was held at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Clinical Handover Workshop - Saturday 24th February 2007

The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety (CRE-PS), supported by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, held a clinical handover workshop in Brisbane on Saturday 24th February 2007. By engaging with key stakeholders, The CRE in Patient Safety intended the workshop to be a forum from which a research framework and agenda for national and international audiences could be developed.

This framework for handover research formed the key outcome of the workshop and is integral in guiding future research into how best to address gaps in knowledge surrounding the process of clinical handover. It will, subsequently, contribute to enhanced patient safety through improving, modifying and reducing reliance on handover.