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Seminars 2010

VHQA October Education Session 2010

Presenters include: Dr Robert Griffin, Ms Samantha Reid and Mr Nick van Zelst

Venue: Cabrini Auditorium, Level 1, Cabrini Hospital Malvern, 183 Wattletree Rd, Malvern Vic 3144
Date: Friday 29th October 2010
Time: 12.45pm - 3.30pm, Registration from 12.00pm

Seminar Program and Registration

Dr Jason Stein - Leveraging Interdisciplinary Teams and Health IT in the Medical Unit

Dr Jason Stein is currently Associate Vice Chair for Quality in the Department of Medicine at Emory University. His work focuses on improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of care delivery in the hospital, combining:

  • Hospital Data Systems and Displays
  • Hospital Care Models, Workflow, and Teamwork
  • Management Strategies

Dr Stein will be a Visiting Academic with CRE-PS commencing in July 2011.

Venue: School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Monash University
Date: Tuesday 9th Nov 2010
Time: 1pm - 2pm

Seminar program

Heatwaves and health - from impact to harm prevention

Venue:State Library of Victoria, Village Roadshow Theatrette, 179 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
Seminar date: Thursday 19th August, 2010

Seminar Program and Registration

Episodes of extreme heat, also known as heatwaves, are an important public health issue because they cause death and illness and are very likely to become more frequent and more severe in the future. Heatwaves have the greatest impact on the health of those who are least able to care for themselves, including older people, particularly those who are frail, already ill and socially isolated. It is known that many heatwave-related deaths are preventable, supporting the importance of heatwave preparedness measures.

Speaker Presentations

Session 1: The impact of heatwaves on public health

 Session 2: Heatwaves and the individual

Session 3: Preparing for next summer

Safety and Quality: getting it done without doing all

Cathy Balding's presentation:  Getting it done without doing all

Venue: The AMREP Seminar Room, The Alfred, Commercial Road, PRAHRAN
Date: Friday 30th July 2010
Time: 2.00pm to - 4.30pm, Registration from 1.45pm

Seminar Program and Registration

Reviewing in-hospital mortality

Venue: Ella Latham Lecture Theatre,Royal Children's Hospital,Parkville Vic 3010.
Seminar date: Thursday 24th June, 2010

Seminar programme and registration

Review of in-hospital deaths is an integral part of good clinical practice. Audit provides the opportunity to learn about and improve practices and processes of care. Despite widespread recognition of its importance, there remains no ‘gold standard' approach to conducting mortality review. In this seminar we will hear a range of views about how to undertake an effective mortality review. Importantly, a range of leaders from both acute health and forensic medicine will discuss how they use information derived from these reviews to improve practice and processes of care.

Speaker presentations

Session 1: Policy, international perspective

Session 2: Methods for doing review

Session 3: What data should we use?

Session 4: Hospital review and discussion